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Fun and Fashionable Sensory Products for Adults

Fun and Fashionable Sensory Products for Adults

Shopping for sensory products as an adult can be disappointing. Everything seems geared toward an adolescent audience, and it usually is. Not many adults bring fidget spinners into the grocery store or grab therapy putty during a stressful presentation. 

Plus, both putty and spinners fail to meet the hands-free or professional criteria busy adults need, which leaves a sizable gap in the industry. But growing up shouldn’t mean we have to deny ourselves the opportunity to relieve pent-up anxiety and restlessness. 

Fortunately, the market is expanding around sensory products for adults. Companies are now catering to adult sensory needs, whether for wardrobe sensitivities or physical habits. Channel your energy in creative-yet-adult-centric ways with the fantastic sensory products we’ve curated below!

Smush Co.

Of course, our favorite scrunchie tops this list—the Smunchie hair tie reimagines the average fidget. It’s practical since it provides squishy sensory release, yet it’s simultaneously the cutest hair or wrist accessory you can buy. Our classic jet-black Bella scrunchie matches any outfit or occasion, and we also offer adorable patterned options. For fans of Barbiecore, look no further than our Angelina scrunchie

The best part about Smush scrunchies is that they transcend the barriers between childhood and adulthood, as well as the expectations of certain settings. Smush scrunchies are for everyone, no matter how or where you decide to rock them!

Sensory & More

Specializing in sensory-friendly clothing for both children and adults, Sensory & More has lots of low-stimulus clothes to browse. From beanies to socks, they’ve got you covered from head to toe. Sensory & More develops and produces its stock with a team of experts informing their designs to ensure comfort for neurodivergent or similarly sensitive individuals.

We especially love their CalmDesign Bag, a weighted hip or shoulder accessory that encourages a relaxed mood and staves off overstimulation. Another star item in their catalog has to be the tagless unisex leggings, made with luscious organic cotton that won’t irritate your skin. They’re available in a versatile and beautiful navy blue. You might end up wearing them seven days a week, so you should invest in several pairs!

Sensory Oasis for Kids

Don’t let the name fool you. They specialize in kids’ toys, but Sensory Oasis for Kids features whimsical baubles that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s perfect for adults who would happily fidget with a glittery heart keychain or tactile carry tag. Think of Sensory Oasis for Kids as an elevated vendor for common fidgets.

Their online store has neat fidgets that double as artsy decor for an office desk: wooden hand massage rollers or a conversation-starting hourglass timer can be easily disguised and blended into your interior, while still maintaining functionality as helpful sensory products for adults. You’ll have the best of both worlds!

Sense-ational You

Sensory clothing is booming lately, and as a result, we have up-and-coming companies like Sense-ational You broadening the horizons of adult sensory fashion. Although the children’s clothes section does comprise most of their website, we’re excited about the Sound Reducing Sensory Hoodie for adults. It has a retractable eye mask that can be pulled down whenever you need a visual break and a slightly weighted hood to block out noises that may otherwise cause sensory overload.


As the demand for adult sensory products increases, so does the demand for accessible accessories that benefit the disabled community. Luckily, we’re beginning to see a shift there as well, and Abilitee is leading the charge, with merchandise that includes ostomy covers and insulin pump belts, along with fun personalizations for catheter tubes. 

Their sensory-friendly sleeves and bicep band accommodations for health devices double as soft, wearable fidgets that can be worn underneath regular clothes. Adaptive jewelry like necklaces that turn into anklets has our attention, too (obviously Smush Co. is going to root for multipurpose trinkets!). Abilitee prioritizes inclusivity in really inspiring ways, and that’s even cooler than their sleeves and jewelry.

Tink ‘n’ Stink

This playful brand has no shortage of sensory solutions. Although their site gives off kid-friendly vibes, Tink ‘n’ Stink sells some great stuff for adults. Our favorites are the noise-canceling earplugs, beaded bracelets, and portable aromatherapy roller. Who says that auditory, tactile, or olfactory sensitivities don’t affect adults?! Tink ‘n’ Stink alleviates these stimuli and more.

Sensory Toy Warehouse

The U.K.-based Sensory Toy Warehouse stocks plenty of fun, adult-focused gems like sequined snap bracelets or large weighted blankets. They have a good amount of enticing furniture, which isn’t as easy to find elsewhere. This LED bubble wall would be an amazing statement piece, and the LED cube is a dynamic decoration in any space. Lower your sensory stress by checking out their exceptional furniture selection.

Sensory Direct

Sensory products for adults appear in the catalogs of formerly kid-only retailers nowadays, and Sensory Direct has adapted well to this wave of matured products. Their weighted blankets have always been a staple, but they offer sensory clothing on top of that bestseller. You can shop by age group, streamlining the process quite a bit. Compression neck wraps are another unique option at Sensory Direct. The possibilities are endless here!

Touchy Feely

Our partnership with Touchy Feely means that Smush scrunchies are available to buy via their awesome site! Aside from our general fondness for them and this partnership, we recommend a fidget ring or the sprayable magnesium oil to minimize anxiety. There’s even a special kind of gum that supports improved energy and focus, plus the super effective and interactive anti-anxiety notebook. In our opinion, you just can’t go wrong at Touchy Feely.

Smush Co. Shares the Love

Adulting is hard enough without being able to secure yourself the right fidget or sensory accessory. Hopefully, this list will save you valuable time! We know you’ll appreciate these sensory products for adults as much as we do, though our blog has additional ideas.

Smush Co. believes in sharing resources with our fantastic community and beyond, so tell all your friends and be sure to get your own fun and fashionable Smush scrunchie today!

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