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Fidget Fashion: Merging Sensory Needs and Style

Fidget Fashion: Merging Sensory Needs and Style

For the past several years, fidgeting has been trending. The ever-present fidget spinner became a mainstay in 2017, but as a result, alternative fidgeting devices have been improving upon this early design. Disruptive toys like spinners are much less captivating when better options serve many purposes and keep distractions to a minimum in professional settings.

Neurodivergent and neurotypical folks both benefit from fidgeting, which is one reason why fidget accessories stood the test of time in an era where fads live and die overnight. A lot has changed since 2017, including the optics of these accessories. We all deserve a little bauble that puts the fun in functional and meets unique sensory needs simultaneously, so it’s important to shop specifically to figure out the right fidget for you.

Fidget fashion is taking the industry by storm, with the potential to revolutionize how we play and dress—it’s why we’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest handhelds for fidgeting that keep you looking good too.

1. Smush Co.

If you’ve tried fidgeting with regular hair ties or bobby pins, you know they inevitably break or fall apart. Meet the Smush scrunchie: the dainty-yet-durable, sensory-friendly scrunchie. You can wear Smush scrunchies on your wrist as an eye-catching bracelet or up in your hair as an equally eye-catching barrette—but either way, you’re free to fidget however you see fit. The Smush scrunchie is a tactile treat ready to be pinched and squeezed to your heart’s desire.

You won’t have to compromise style or usability in favor of a pragmatic hair tie. With dozens of colors and textures, you can mix and match your Smush scrunchies to create the perfect complement for any outfit that satisfies the urge to twiddle your thumbs. In our humble opinion, it’s the cutest fidget fashion item on this list.

2. Fidget Jewelry

Spinner rings, fiddle charm necklaces, beaded or snapping bracelets—there’s no shortage of adorable fidget jewelry on the market. Are your fingers constantly moving? You might be unconsciously yearning for a quick and available fidget. Interactive pieces of jewelry provide that stimulation as the impulse arises, adding a touch of flair.

These accessories strike a balance between chic and helpful. Being wearable, fidget jewelry is accessible and disguisable since it’s always within reach while blending into every look. Just be sure to pick one that isn’t noisy and doesn’t turn your skin green (i.e., cheap metals)!

3. Wearable Fidgets

Speaking of wearable, how about the myriad of fashionable attachments that eliminate the need to bring a separate gadget? Try the practical (and gender-neutral) pieces of clothing designers create with fidgeting in mind. Aside from jewelry, other wearable fidgets include deliberately hidden pockets, hems, or cuffs on shirts, sweaters, and pants that enable fidgeting. 

A cool feature of these clothes is how subtle the fidget element is. For instance, if the pocket of your jeans has a built-in fidget, perhaps a certain fabric or patch, you can casually utilize that tangible outlet to give your energy a place to go in total secrecy. So far, fidget clothing is pricey and hard to find, but hopefully, the future of fashion is this fidget-friendly.

4. Textured Clothing

Similar to wearable fidgets, clothing that’s made to accommodate habitual fidgeting is another emerging fidget fashion trend. Hypersensitivity, one of the primary symptoms of ADHD and autism, occurs tactilely when itchy, tight, or tagged clothes cause discomfort or distress. Specially tailored or textured clothing can cut down on hypersensitivity and aid supportive stimming. 

Different brands incorporate thoughtful textiles to check both of these boxes. Unfortunately, textured clothing for fidgeting is about as expensive and uncommon as wearable fidgets.

5. Keychains & Charms

Classics like keychains and charms have been revamped to be twice as enticing for fidgeters. They now come in varieties that appeal to people during those bored, anxious, or hyper-focused moments that lead to fidgeting. 

Pop-it keychains are all the rage, though they lean into spinner territory for how distracting they can be. Clicking, spinning, or sliding keychains occupy fidgeters who like mobile toys, and complex iterations such as liquid squishies or manual gear-shift transmissions can be fastened to bags for convenience. Purse charms also accessorize in ways that facilitate easy fidgeting, often using popular sensory materials like resin, gems, or tassels.

Smush scrunchies Do It All!

Fidget toys are becoming more visually appealing as consumers raise the bar on their fashion-forwardness. The choices may seem limitless, but to us, there’s a clear victor: a gorgeous scrunchie that doubles as a fidgeting mechanism is the true cover story.

A productive fidget toy should have some actual use, elevating it from “toy” to “tool.” Smush scrunchies are here for you as useful devices that still maintain a playful vibe. We’re spicing up the fidget fashion revolution with the most dynamic scrunchie in the game! So, if you love multipurpose accessories as much as we do, get your Smush scrunchie today.

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