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Sensory Products that Double as Incredible Gifts

Sensory Products that Double as Incredible Gifts

Whether you’re caught up in the whirl of the gift-giving season or are just looking for a little something for the loved ones in your life at any time of year, you can’t beat gifting thoughtful sensory products. 

In a nutshell, well-designed sensory products are fun, handy, and versatile, encouraging healthy sensory regulation strategies and empowering folks with sensory processing disorder, autism, or ADHD to manage their emotions and self-soothe when needed. Read on for our expertly-curated gift guide of sensory products your loved ones will be thrilled to receive! 

Colorful Smush Scrunchies

Smush scrunchies are one of our fave sensory products, and for good reason — they’re the gift that just keeps giving. Seriously! Not only are they a gorgeous fashion accessory, they also double as a squishy and discrete sensory regulation aid. 

If you’re shopping for a fidgeter or stimmer, they will be delighted with this sensory gift that they can use any time, anywhere. Not sure what stimming is? Put simply, it’s the repetitive movements that help your loved one feel calm and focused. 

Smush scrunchies come in an array of colors and designs, so there’s a flavor for every personality. Pick the one that suits your loved one best and sneak it into their stocking during the holidays or toss it into a party goodie bag.

Relaxing Bath Salts 

If you’re looking for sensory products for your loved one who already has every sensory gadget imaginable, look no further. Bath salts are a simple but thoughtful gift that encourages self-care, promotes calm, and sets the mood for emotional regulation in adults (although kids can benefit from bathtime, too!).

Adding bath salts to a warm, tranquil bath makes for a multisensory experience that will dazzle your loved one. They will love hearing the sound of the water splishing and splashing, and the feel of the salt granules rubbing against their skin. If you want to take it up a notch, gift them with some candles and essential oils as well for the ultimate multi-sensory feast!

Clever Cubes 

The Rubik’s cube: a classic, timeless sensory gift that makes a great stimming tool for fidgeters who love to use their brain to solve puzzles! 

The Rubik’s cube is another one of those sensory products with a dual-purpose. On the one hand, it’s a fun challenge that keeps the brain occupied. On the other hand, it provides tactile stimulation, reducing anxiety and enhancing focus in folks with sensory processing disorder. 

If your loved one enjoys puzzles, and loves fun, engaging gadgets in bright colors, the Rubik’s cube could be right up their alley!

Chewy Chewelry 

Ever caught yourself chewing on your necklace or the tip of your pen during a boring meeting? We’ve all been there. You probably didn’t think much of it at the time, but the chewing may have helped you regulate your boredom, stay alert, or keep calm.

People with sensory processing disorder seek this kind of stimulation often. It helps them stay calm and focused. Obviously, it would be a lot better for them to do this without sacrificing their pens and jewelry — and their teeth, for that matter! And that’s exactly why chewelry was invented. 

Chewelry is discreet, chewy jewelry for children and adults who seek oral stimulation. If that describes your loved one, they’ll appreciate this fun gift. It looks good and it’s durable, so not even the strongest teeth can chew through it!

Magnetic Writing Toy 

Magnetic writing boards are one of our favorite sensory products for kids. Besides providing sensory stimulation, magnetic writing boards bring together the fun of drawing and learning. 

They’re also great on-the-go toys that are more engaging and educational than iPads, so no need to stick your little one behind a screen when you’re busy. They can be brought on long flights, car trips, to doctor’s waiting rooms, and anywhere else that requires a child to be entertained and occupied. 

Fun, Helpful Sensory Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Our advice: bookmark this page and refer back to it anytime you need to find perfect sensory products for a loved one. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find sensory gifts that will be cherished. 

Still… our favorite sensory gift is the Smush Scrunchie because of its versatility, practicality, discreteness, and knockout beauty! Sure, we may be a bit biased, but give this to your loved one and watch their face light up, then try telling us we’re wrong! 

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