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Why We Love Fun and Function

Why We Love Fun and Function

Have you ever fallen in love with a product or service because it speaks to you personally? Is there a brand that you can count on for anything, even your neurodivergent needs? Well, sharing is caring, so we want to take a moment to shout out a stellar example for our Smush Co. community.

We’re spotlighting Fun and Function, a brand that empowers all kids through different toys and tools designed to facilitate thoughtful play for children with ADHD, autism, and other conditions. Founders Aviva and Haskel Weiss have direct experience in occupational therapy and childhood education, which gives them an edge in the fidget game. Fun and Function promises a bright future for neurodivergent individuals.

You might be wondering, “Is Smush Co. about to advertise a different company…?” The answer is a resounding heck yes. Let us tell you why we love Fun and Function.

Who They Are

In addition to being a family-owned small business, Fun and Function has an origin story similar to ours here at Smush Co. When the Weisses realized that there weren’t enough sensory toys and tools on the market, Aviva and Haskel didn’t simply shrug and forget about it—instead, they decided to change the industry themselves, for their own children’s benefit. It’s a labor of love that brings people together over play and enjoyment, and we can’t help but applaud that initiative.

The Fun and Function team comprises other occupational therapists and edu-doctorates, along with staff who are dedicated to ensuring product safety. Informed design and purposeful collaboration enable them to provide only the best of the best for differently abled kids (and adults too!). Like Smush Co., Fun and Function offers neurodivergent accessories built for practical use and improvement in people’s day-to-day lives. 

Why We Love Them

Here are a few reasons why we love Fun and Function…

Their website showcases a diverse range of products for various disorders, yet it remains easy to navigate. Despite their high-quality offerings, they don't compromise on affordability. What’s more, the integrity and reliability built into their mission achieve a rare feat: they’re the kind of brand you take pride in supporting.

Diversity + Navigability

A notably wide array of sensory-friendly items makes it tough to decide on a single option: sensory clothing, calm or active toys and tools, classroom resources, sleep and seating solutions, and large-scale equipment to create comfortable and intuitive spaces. They even have an education section on their site with links to training courses and free webinars so visitors can learn about sensory differences.

You can also browse by diagnosis to find the most relevant products for you or your child depending on your needs. This category includes ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and motor delay issues, as well as broader conditions such as learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, speech and communication delays, visual and hearing impairments, and social-emotional challenges. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for or who you’re buying for, Fun and Function has it! The close attention they pay to their clientele in covering so many bases truly sets them apart.

Quality + Affordability

We deeply appreciate Fun and Function because they share our values and principles at Smush Co. We both prioritize quality in our products and have strong standards for that quality. A peek into their bestsellers shows durable materials and original designs manufactured to be long-lasting and effective for neurodivergent users.

Fun and Function’s price point is another plus. They keep costs low enough so that families can access tools that encourage their kids to thrive no matter their income level. Their products are inexpensive, but the peace of mind inspired by Fun and Function’s unique expertise is priceless.

As a brand, being able to balance quality and affordability speaks volumes. They’re committed to making a difference while making our differences that much more special.

Integrity + Reliability

Finally, the greatest asset at Fun and Function is undoubtedly the integrity they bring to an otherwise profit-driven and crowded space. Fidget spinners blew up in popularity around 2017, which led to the overproduction of a toy that ultimately became too distracting for a lot of kids to utilize in classrooms. Fun and Function (and Smush Co!) reacted to this “trend” by going their own way, creating a fabulous outlet for consumers of all backgrounds and abilities.  

The reliability of their business—from the products to the inventors behind them—serves as a barometer for every company associated with fidget culture. Thousands of positive reviews and satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Why You’ll Love Them Too

The Smush scrunchie first arrived in response to a particular gap. We noticed a need for a multipurpose fidget accessory and got to work. We saw through a vision that started in front of a sewing machine on a dining room table. Part of the reason why we love Fun and Function is that they followed the same path and successfully disrupted an industry that lacked actual fun and functionality.

We know you’ll love them as much as we do. In the meantime, you can shop our one-and-only sensory scrunchie on our home site as always.

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